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Bulk Solids Heat Exchanger

Bulk Solids Heat Exchanger

The Bulk Solids Heat Exchangers have a modular product structure, based on Laser Welding pillow plates. These pillow plates are assembled into one or more plate packs, between which the bulk solids, to be cooled or heated, flow. These are heated or cooled

Main Heat Exchanger Applications for Laser Welded Pillow Plate

The Bulk Solids Heat Exchangers have a modular product structure, based on Laser Welding pillow plates. These pillow plates are assembled into one or more plate packs, between which the bulk solids, to be cooled or heated, flow. These are heated or cooled to the temperature required by the heat-exchanging medium – primarily water, steam or thermal oils – which flow through the channels of the pillow plates.  

The main application for Bulk Sold

Drying & Conditioning Bulk Solids

Unlike conventional drying and conditioning technologies which blow hot air through the product as both the heat source and the way of removing moisture; Shineheat uses a combination of their advanced plate heat exchange technology to provide the heat source and independent sweep air to remove the moisture. This approach greatly reduces air-flow requirements, returning much better efficiencies and improved process control.

How does a bulk solids
heat exchanger work?


Bulk solids are distributed over the pillow plates in a hopper, in which a level indicator is used to measure the fill level and flow rate too. To ensure that the bulk solids are heated to a uniform temperature, an even flow must be achieved across the entire surface of the heat exchanger. This so-called mass flow is created by means of an outlet designed especially for this purpose. As a result, every particle of the bulk solids flows through the heat exchanger at the same rate and are consequently in contact with the pillow plates for the same length of time. A temperature sensor in the product outlet ensures that the bulk solids are at the temperature required as they leave the heat exchanger.

Given the above, the heat exchanger consists of just two independent control loops: one for the bulk solids and one for the temperature of the bulk solids. This results in a system that is easy to operate and control.

Product Advantages:

1. World leading laser welding pillow plate heat exchange technology:

Pillow plate is laser welded by two plates all around and in the middle area full of weld flowers. After the forming process, the inner part of the heat exchange plate forms a pillow type cavity. Pillow design creates excellent turbulence and provides self supporting structure. In practical applications, the additional welding path is often added in the pillow heat exchange plate, in order to adjust and control the flow of fluid into and out of the heat exchange plate nozzle position, the fluid velocity and flow rate inside plate, so as to optimize the heat exchange efficiency.

2. Full closed operation with zero emission:

In the process of using wall type heat exchange technology of bulk solid heat exchanger,  there will be no direct air contact with bulk solid. So it fundamentally eliminates dust, fine particles and odor emissions, as well as prevent dust explosion effectively.

3. Saves energy up to 90%:

Compared with the traditional heat transfer technology, No fan, no Motor, the energy consumption of powder flow heat exchanger is decreased by more than 90%

 Style Pillow Plate Bulk Solid Heat Exchanger Fluid Bed Roller Heat Exchanger
Operation energy consumption Low High High
Installation cost Low High High
Maintenance cost Low Medium High
Modular structure Yes No No
Compact design Yes No No
Use air to heat exchange Yes Yes Yes
Exhaust and dust emission No Yes Yes


4. Ensure superior product quality:

The controllable low velocity when the powder passes through the heat exchanger can effectively prevent the wear and tear and decomposition of product.  Also ensures the particle properties and crystal shape, so as to achieve the best product quality.

5. Even heat exchange efficiency:

Based on dense conveying principle, powder in the heat exchanger flows evenly and in low speed, which ensures the even temperature of product discharging. Also the temperature of final product has good consistency.

6. Modular structure, easy to expand:

The vertical structure of SV bulk solid is compact and modular. The processing amount could be adjusted by increasing or decreasing pillow plate quantity. It saves lots of installation space. 

7. Compact structure, easy to install

The wall type heat exchange and dense conveying designs means there is no need of high power consumpting equipment, such as electric motor, fan, dust catcher and emission control systems.