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Industrial Refereance Case

Plate Heat Exchanger for Vapor Plate Condenser

The Job is to completely condense the Steam which contains 3% air into water by cooling water, meanwhile, to separate the air from Steam.
Plate and Gasket Evaporator for Steam Condenser 

The Job Description:

 The Job is to completely condense the Steam which contains 3% air into water by cooling water, meanwhile, to separate the air from Steam.

The Plate Condenser Working Principle, How does the plate condenser work?
Plate Condenser is especially work for Vapor or Steam under Vacuum or Negative Pressure condition; the corrugated plates are with high transfer efficiency, so the structure of Plate Condenser is compact, it is ideal for installation where the space is limited, and replace Tube and Shell Type Condenser of larger and heavy type.

Shineheat Condenser is customized design according to various situation.
The Vapor or Steam Inlet Ports are very large, whereas the condensate outlets and compared small; the cold side connections are decided by process cooling media capacity, they will be also smaller than Vapor or Steam connections.
Generally, there two type of Plate Condenser in terms of sealing methods for Vacuum Side. 
If Vacuum Side or Condensing Side is sealing by Welding, the Cooling Side is sealing by Gaskets, then we call it “Semi Welded Plate Condenser”, the Semi Welded Pack is called “Cassettes”.

If Vacuum Side and Cooling Side are all sealing by Gaskets, then we call it “Plate and Gasket Condenser”.
Whatever, the Plate Condenser is widely apply for Multi-Stages Evaporation System, Sugar Refinery Plant, Ethanol Condensers, Turbine Condensers in power plant .

SHINEHEAT provide comprehensive solutions for Steam Condenser
We designed three proposals after application investigation which is based on Semi Welded Plate Condenser.
  1. Replacement model Semi Welded Alfacond600
  2. Replacement model Semi Welded Alfacond400
  3. Replacement model Semi Welded M20M
However considering to the Invest Cost and Height issues on site, the key problem is there no enough height on site for installation condition (Request Max 2 Meter for Unit Height), so we finally choiced:
Replacement Sondex Model of S81, the Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, SHINEHEAT upgrade into Plate Condenser.
Final Solution is “Plate and Gasket Condenser” Solution which upgraded from S81 Sondex Model.

It is a concern that Vapor is in Vacuum Condition, it is really a challenge for gasket sealing under vacuum. Mostly gasket sealing is not recommended for vacuum condition.
Based on SHINEHEAT investigation and HESSA Supplier’s professional experience, we start to use a special design gasket.
With matching working corrugated plate, it could work under -3 to +16 Bar, we also conduct “Gas Tightness” test under vacuum condition, also Water Hydraulic Testing under 13 Bar.
Now the SHNEHEAT condenser is in good working condition on site of Thailand Plant, this is another successful case Upon Close Collaboration by HESSA members in China and Thailand.
Work Scope by HESSA Team
HESSA member of China 
  1. Fabrication for Semi-Welded plates and gaskets which is identical type of AlfaCond 400
  2. Fabrication the frame accessories according to the measurements on site.
  3. NDT test for Semi-Welded Plates 
  4. High Pressure Hydraulic Test for Plate and Gasket Packs.
  5. Delivery to Sugar Plant in Thailand 
  6. Delivery to Sugar Plant in Thailand 
HESSA member of Thailand
  1. Comprehensive Measurement on site for old Condenser 
  2. Dissemble the old unit and assembly new Plate and Gaskets  
  3. Refurbishment for Frame and Accessories
  4. Conducting Hydraulic and Commissioning Test on site