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Flue Gas Heat Exchanger

Flue Gas Heat Exchanger


Main Heat Exchanger Applications for Laser Welded Pillow Plate

Type I (Welded Pillow Type)
The Welded Pillow Plates are arranged at certain distance and forming the flow pass for Flue Gas, and the Liquid/water goes inside the Pillow Plate. The Flue Gas Heat could be recycle by counter flow water or other cooling liquid, meanwhile, the outlet temperature of Flus Gas will decrease to Specific Level, which is applicable for environment friendly.

Type II (Fin-Tubular Type)
Welded Pillow Type Flue Gas Heat Exchanger is more efficient and compact structure than Fin-Tubular Flue Gas Heat Exchanger, however, under heavy application (High Pressure and Temperature, Special Metal condition). Conventional Fin-Tubular Gas Heat Exchanger is only option. 


Flue Gas with other Gas engages into thermal transfer, and then Welded Pillow Plates will be replaced by Welded Corrugated Plates which is better apply for Gas via Gas.
Not like Pillow Plates, the Corrugations surface of Plate are pressed by curtain Mold Special, Corrugated Plates are welded by each Even and Odd Plate and forming into two Hot Side and Cold Side. Through each pass two type of gas make counter flow to transfer heat.
Type I

Type II (Gas Cooler Module Combination)
 We design Gas Cooler into Specific single Module for basic unit, two or three, multi-units could form into Modules Combination. Such diversified structures could apply for various applications at standardized production.