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Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger

Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger



Like common Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger realizes thermal transfer through Embossed or Corrugated plate; however, it is seal by welding not gasket. Furthermore, one side fluid goes into Embossed Pillow Plate, another side fluid goes between Embossed Pillow Plate. In view of the distance or gap of each set Pillow Plate could adjust, so it can make into Wide Gap or Free Flow Heat Exchanger for one side.


Compared with other types of Plate Heat Exchanger, Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger has its unique features and advantages, especially for fluid containing more impurities or high viscosity or complex applications. From following chart, we see various applications that Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger could engage in.

Style Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger Shell Tube Heat Exchanger Gaskeked Heat Exchanger Spiral Heat Exchanger
Operation temperature range <800 <800 <170 <350
Max. pressure <60 bar <200 bar <32 bar <25 bar
Heat transfer coefficient of water[W/m2·] 3500 2700 5600 2000
Application of air and water heat transfer Applicable Applicable Not applicable Partial applicable
Immersion in tank or water Applicable Partial applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Welded to tank and reactor Applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Install into existing reaction tower and other equipment Flexible Partial applicable Not applicable Not applicable
All welded structure Applicable Applicable Not applicable Not applicable
Heavy contaminated liquids and other applications Applicable Applicable Partial applicable Applicable
Unit area weight Low High Low High
Falling film, condenser and evaporator Applicable Applicable Partial applicable Partial applicable


 As to different applications, Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger also could divided into Immersion Heat Exchanger and Falling Film Heat Exchanger.